The Top 100 Women was founded by Tamika Smith in 2017 and began by featuring and recognising women within the construction and development industries.

The initial commitment was to feature 100 Women within the industry. Not only acknowledging their accomplishments, but also creating a platform where their achievements could be celebrated within a place of authenticity. A place where their light could shine.

Fast track 12 months, the Top 100 Women community had grown to over 3300, with women being featured from all over the World!

The demand soon spread like wildfire for the Top 100 Women to step up and do something more with the community that was vastly established. And clearly, in demand!

Very soon, the decision was made that something more needed to be done to assist the Women within this sector.

From there, a team of high level executives created a Board of Directors to grow the initiative to something that would better service Women in all areas of construction and development all the way across the Globe.

The Board comprises:

Tamika Smith – Chair and Executive Director
Founder of Top 100 Women and Director of TSR Property Solutions

Colin Powell – Non Executive Director
Previous: Vice President of Analytics business for Growth Markets for IBM and Managing partner of Financial Management for PricewaterhouseCoopers

Current: Founder and owner of Australian-based residential property business covering both residential and holiday rental

Robyn Valmadre – Non Executive Director
Director of Sales and Marketing Villa World