The Top 100 Women, founded in 2017, began by recognising underrepresented women within the construction and development sector.

Not long after the initiative launch, we were featuring women from around the globe, unearthing an insurmountable demand for the ladies growing within the industry.

Within 12 months, the Top 100 Women had a community of over 3300 individuals from all over the world, uniting not to compete, not to make an aggressive stance, but on a platform, which allowed them to be authentically themselves in a group of likeminded individuals. All women, some mothers, some sisters, some grandparents, but all daughters, seeking to improve the pathway in which the next generation will follow.

The Top 100 Women community comprises of an all-encompassing invitation to women within the industry, from commercial to residential sectors. Ranging from women as senior executives, managers and broader administrative roles. This all-inclusive approach is based around the understanding that most women often do not come into the industry at a senior level, but in fact, grow within the sector.

With many groups creating awareness around the problems within our sector, we seek to deliver a solution.

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