Tamika Smith founded Top 100 Women in 2017 with the intention of recognising the accomplishments of women in the broader construction sector.

Today, Top 100 Women is an online professional platform for women in the broader construction sector, providing our members with a number of resources to access greater networks, mentors, industry insights, online events, courses, and employment opportunities.

The resources that our members have access to will not only deliver the means to upskill women in the sector but will also provide long-term support required to help women succeed.

Our online professional platform seeks to eliminate the obstacles women face in the broader construction sector, in order to implement real change and introduce accountability by building a community that promotes and provides women with career development and industry support.


  • Young Business Women 2018
  • Sydney Build Expo
  • Career Girls
  • Business World Australia
  • Amsterdam Build
  • Ladies in Helmets Kenya
  • Australian Construction Awards 18/19
  • Urban Developer
  • School of Architecture
  • This is a Man’s World UK
  • London Build
  • League of Extraordinary Women
  • Most Influential Women in Construction – Build Construction & Engineering Awards UK


Top 100 Women hopes to positively impact equality by providing greater opportunities for women in pursuing meaningful careers in the broader construction sector.


Top 100 Women provides an online community to empower more than 21,000 people around the world to share ideas, offer support and make a difference. Our efforts ensure that the value of equality is reflected in the professional standards of the sector in creating a more harmonious environment for everyone to operate within.