The Top 100 Women was founded by Tamika Smith in 2017, established as a platform to featured and recognised women within the construction and development industry. Within the first 12 months, the #Top100Women was already hosting a community of 11,000 people across the world, which prompted further action. The Top 100 Women is now expanding to provide career development and industry support to women in their career journeys, within the construction sector.

To date, we know construction has one of the highest suicide rates and is one of the most male dominated segments. A lot of what has been founded, has been established on the basis to provide what we didn’t have upon finding the loopholes, and making our way through them.

Our research shows women grow in the sector to senior levels, they do not enter construction typically already at the peak of their careers. As such, our objective is to grow the women in the industry to where the demand is currently required; to be leading at the front line! Whilst there are many advocacy groups focusing on the WHY, we have taken a different approach in focusing our efforts to deliver the HOW.

The release of the Career Development tools will include a number of resources such as a job board for corporations to find women, as well as the means the connect women and to accompany them in their journey. By introducing these resources and facilities, we are eliminating the objections to finding women when looking for suitable candidates.

Career Development Tools set to be released in 2019.

Featured In:

Young Business 2018

Syd Build Expo

Career Girls

Business World Autralia

Amsterdam Build

Ladies in Helmets Kenya

Urban Developer

School of Architecture

Man’s World UK

London Build

League of Extraordinary Women

Shortlisted in:

Australian Construction Awards 18/19

Build Construction & Engineering Awards UK

And awarded Young Business Woman of the Year for the Gold Coast, prompting further action!