Top 100 Women was founded by Tamika Smith in 2017, after the establishment of her own business in the construction sector, with the intention of recognising and highlighting women and their accomplishments in the broader construction sector. Challenging both the perceptions around success in a man’s world, and the notion that you had to be anything other than yourself, Top 100 Women soon scaled to a community of over 11,000 world wide.

Attracting global attention, it became evident that whilst the WHY was evident, very little had been done to deliver and execute the HOW to change a lot of the statistics we currently see in an industry such as construction.


  • Young Business Women 2018
  • Sydney Build Expo
  • Career Girls
  • Business World Australia
  • Amsterdam Build
  • Ladies in Helmets Kenya
  • Australian Construction Awards 18/19
  • Urban Developer
  • School of Architecture
  • This is a Man’s World UK
  • London Build
  • League of Extraordinary Women
  • Most Influential Women in Construction – Build Construction & Engineering Awards UK