The Talent Room is an interactive and economical platform for organisations and individuals to easily locate women for employment opportunities in the construction sector.

The Talent Room introduces a new level of accountability to the sector as well as the HOW to, in obtaining equality within the most male dominated segment in the world.

By breaking down the perceptions, showcasing the variety of opportunities and eliminating the reasons why we can’t, and have not obtained equal workplaces, we intend to be a disruption to the sector as we know it.

As an individual, you have your own profile which hosts all your certificates and course completions, as well as the means to apply for opportunities as soon as they arise. Showcasing your professional development for the who’s who in the zoo.

As an organisation, you can now post jobs specific to the sector. Rather than paying double the price to fish in a pond of everything! You are now fishing in a pond specific to women in the sector at almost half the price of what you pay in comparison to other job boards, targeting women who are demonstrating their commitment to professionally grow and expand their skills.

Can’t find a woman within construction & development?
Well now you can..