Building WOMEN, Not just HOUSES’ is a campaign set to position a select group of businesses in the spotlight due to their contribution to equality, Women within their organisations together with the Social and Affordable Housing sector.

Not only do our Campaign Founders have over 50% Female Staff, these organisations will also  be showcasing their Commitment to Upskill and better understand the Women growing within their own umbrella.

As a way of recognising the companies who have successfully arrived at a gender balance and are actively engaged in transitioning their staff to senior roles, we have issued an accreditation to highlight to our community that this business is someone YOU want to work with!

  • You will be heard
  • You will be acknowlegded
  • And you will not be overlooked!

The selected Campaign Founders are leading the industry to higher standards through their active example to set the tone for what is to come with Millenials growing and one day leading these organisations.

Setting the tone, leading in example, the Founding Sponsors of “Building WOMEN, Not just HOUSES” are showing the rest of the industry sector how it should be done from here on in.

With Women being the largest group currently on the Social Housing list Nation wide, ALL of our founding Members are actively demonstrating their focus on delivering a full service solution to a wide spread problem.

“Building WOMEN, Not just HOUSES” is a campaign set out to not just tackle Equality.
The campaign is equally ensuring that we as an industry are focussed on addressing the larger problems presented in today’s society from a
millennial in the workforce to an elderly woman in public housing.

Join Leading businesses in the Industry across the Globe in The Top 100 Women challenge