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What Is a Preferred Industry Employer?


A Preferred Industry Employer is a recognised business within the broader construction sector that supports the growth and retention of their female staff to arrive at a greater means of a balanced workplace, supporting both genders through their career progression.

As a Preferred Industry Employer, you have been regarded as an organisation that takes equality seriously, thus providing your female applicants with the faith that their career in your organisation will be taken as seriously as their male counterparts.

In becoming a Preferred Industry Employer, you are a part of a globally recognised organisation supporting the greater achievement of balanced workplaces within traditionally male sectors.

By providing your female staff access to the Top 100 Women community, you are providing your female staff access to all Member benefits such as greater networks, insights and learning tools to create balance and harmony in an industry that has never been able to achieve this as of yet.

The Preferred Industry Employer status is a stamp we issue to organisations who commit to the longevity, retention and upskilling of the women within their organisation, as part of the wider Top 100 Women action plan to deliver the sector with the long-awaited how, challenging the current imbalance noted in the sector we see today.

By becoming a Preferred Industry Employer, you give your female workforce a commitment that they will be a part of a greater movement with the best chance to expand and progress their careers alongside their male counterparts within your organisation. In addition, you will be listing yourself as a business committed to assisting in achieving a balanced workplace, beginning with the women in your own organisation.

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